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Accounting & Bookkeeping

The best way to put out fires is to keep them from happening in the first place. When your finances are managed by AlPrime, your business becomes more resilient than ever, no matter what is happening in global markets and politics. AlPrime accounting & bookkeeping means you essentially outsource your finance department to a minimum of four team members (a financial accountant, senior accountant, executive manager, and a partner) to assure top-notch service and quality reporting. Additionally, AlPrime has built easy-to-use desktop and mobile apps, so that your system can be updated with every single transaction.

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System Setup

Whether you are a new or established company, AlPrime can streamline your accounting systems and save you time, money, and effort.

You will receive multiple assessments for your particular industry from our team before your AlPrime accounting system is put in place. Once your business’ goals and day-to-day needs are clear, a simple yet sophisticated system is set up by analyzing your daily, monthly, yearly and lifetime operations and cashflow. All your employees are then taught to use your newly customized setup. AlPrime’s systems are highly customizable, allowing you to assign specific viewing and editing privileges to each member of your team.


AlPrime does a monthly breakdown of your costing sheet, and then breaks it down some more. Not only will your costs be easily to visualize, they will be easier than ever to analyze and reduce.

We provide costing for the products and services of all industries; part of the AlPrime offerings is to create an itemized list of all our clients’ costs. We then request all invoices relating to purchases and services rendered, in order to generate a full report of associated costs; we will then propose recommended selling prices and quantities based on our market understanding. We help you to buy with more intelligence, and to sell smarter too.

Feasibility studies, budgeting, and forecasting

The sky is the limit and your business possibilities are endless. Therefore, an educated study is necessary when considering the potential of a new idea or the expansion of an existing business. Perhaps you want to get a cultivated prediction of the affordability of your new line of business. You might be wondering if the current market would respond well to an additional location of your business, or if there is a niche for your product and services. We can help you with all these questions and more.

As a business owner, it is common to be overwhelmed with the amount of research required to build a realistic picture your new business’s feasibility; in addition, it is quite simple for you to adopt a biased outlook that confirms the success of your idea. For those reasons, AlPrime Capital offers its expertise in taking full stock of the current market, the timeline of business trends, and the long-term viability of businesses.


How much is my business worth? Should I invest my money in this potential business? How much should I pay to acquire shares in this company? You may be overwhelmed by such questions – AlPrime advisory services are here to guide you.

Whether you are a business owner or potential investor, an accurate business valuation is the ultimate way to clear ambiguity and uncertainty. A valuation process assesses the current value of your company’s assets and the goodwill associated with the current business operation, network, market share, etc.

HR & Payroll

People are your business’s most valuable asset, and your accounting process should reflect that. At AlPrime, we make HR smoother than ever by recommending solutions for automating the hiring and onboarding process, as well as allocating monthly salaries and severance pay when necessary.

On a monthly basis, your AlPrime solution will process all HR requests, annual leave, sick leave, and employee attendance.

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