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AlPrime Capital is an accounting and financial advisory firm that is deeply committed to adding consistent value and bringing great returns to clients.

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AlPrime’s core offering is exceptionally high-standard accounting and bookkeeping, kept in place with robust artificial intelligence and high value for clients. The company was founded in Kuwait by Saud Al Qaoud and Zaid AlNafisi, both of whom hold advanced certifications in accounting and have extensive expertise in finance and management. They found a common pain point in the market – the need for good, reliable accounting and bookkeeping.

Often, businesses rely on a single accountant or an in-house team of accountants. In the case of an individual accountant, the margin for error is quite large; on the other hand, employing a full-time team of accountants is quite expensive. Hence, AlPrime Capital was born – offering a Kuwait-based team of world-class accountants. In addition to high-standard accounting and bookkeeping, AlPrime’s advisory services create potential for growth and expansion.


We aim to go above and beyond in providing beneficial and professional services that exceed our clients' expectations on an international level.


Beyond offering accounting, bookkeeping, & financial/economic advice, we are here to support the long-term goals of your business.



A principle embedded in our firm and its members.


A given we operate by.


A product of proficiency and diligence behind every task.


We uphold high standards for work ethics and customer care.


Our streamlined workflow means we are ready for your questions.


We are constantly working on developing our tech solutions.

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