Looking for financial assistance to grow your business?

AlPrime is the important missing piece of your business puzzle. A reliable bookkeeper with a simple, elegant financial system with updated access to reporting software.

Our success is in your business growth!

Custom estimation plans, curated to meet your requirement.

Unlimited advisory & monthly analysis to get the best progress.

Accurate financials, with consistent updates.

We are tailor-made for every kind of business

System setup

Flexible & customisable!

We begin with understanding your business goals and day-to-day needs and then, a simple yet refined system is set up by analyzing your daily, monthly, yearly business period operations and cash flow.

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Accounting & bookkeeping

Precise & Perfect!

AlPrime's accounting & bookkeeping effectively outsources your finance department to a minimum of four team members (a financial accountant, senior accountant, executive manager, and a partner) to assure top-notch service and quality reporting.

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Easy to use!

AlPrime does a monthly breakdown of your costing sheet and then breaks it down some more. Not only will your costs be easy to visualise, but they will also be easier than ever to analyse and reduce.

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Feasibility studies, budgeting, and forecasting

Realistic resources!

AlPrime conducts comprehensive market research into understanding the feasibility of your business ideas, advises you about the opportunities and risks involved in continuing down the path, and provides recommendations about where to find the right resources to help you succeed.  

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Valued with accuracy!

Whether you are a business owner or a potential investor, an accurate business valuation is the ultimate way to clear ambiguity and uncertainty. A valuation process assesses the current value of your company’s assets and the goodwill associated with the current business operation, network, market share, etc.

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HR & payroll

Ease the payment process!

On a monthly basis, your AlPrime solution will process all HR requests, annual leave, sick leave, and employee attendance. Based on that information, we calculate the total employee salaries and make sure all overtime, pay deductions, are accrued in your company ledgers.

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If you have a business idea, and investments, but have no clue how to proceed further, then Al Prime is your perfect destination.
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We work according to your business needs, gather your requirements and curate an overall monetary plan for the scale-up.


Trustworthy, Reliable Experts at your service.

One-on-one expert support

Easy to use anytime and anywhere

Secure data

Trustworthy, Reliable Experts at your service.

Experts at AlPrime have sound knowledge on various aspects of accounting and business and are always at your beck and call to process your requests and provide smart solutions.

One-on-one expert support

Yes, we are here all along, while you focus on the other aspects of your business growth. No more guessing, no more fumbling around in Excel sheets.

Easy to use Software - anytime and anywhere

While your team of business experts, require bank statements to keep a track of financial statements every month, AlPrime, works in-house, with the fullest study of your business, we keep ourselves well informed to answer your complex question.

Secure data

We protect your data with diligence, so your business account information with AlPrime is always protected.

Enter the league of successful business owners who chose Al Prime with their books