AlPrime FAQ

In addition to the AlPrime value proposition, which ensures highest accuracy of the accounting reports and handholding the clients to guide them every step of the way to accomplish their short-term and long-term goals, we believe it’s our attitude and passion for success that makes us leaders in our field. We are constantly keeping high-quality controls within the company and adding more solutions to our comprehensive services.

Why AlPrime?

I have a team of accountants – do I still need AlPrime?
How will you help me?
Accountants are human too. Everyone needs to have their work checked by someone else, which is why you get not one but FOUR accountants when you work with AlPrime…and guess what? Your four accountants also have a backup team constantly checking their work.Not only are our accountants amazing, our rates are much more affordable than having an-inhouse team.
How are you better than other accounting firms?
AlPrime supersedes the best players in the market by surpassing the accuracy of their reporting and ease of communication. We promise to deliver quality accounting, prompt reporting, effective communication and credible business solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence to achieve customer service excellence.  
Our competitive advantage lies in the dedicated team of experts at its helm, robust technology, its accountability infrastructure, and the visionary leadership guiding the firm in accomplishing the promised objectives. We are bestowed with the advantage of clear communication, detail-oriented reporting and analysis, and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning powered Software to stand out from its competitors.  

Starting with AlPrime

When should I start the accounting procedure?
Yesterday! The sooner you have clear, legible accounts the better you can manage your company and increase your profits. Read on to understand how to work with AlPrime on your accounting, or get in touch right away.
What is the duration of your contract and how can I cancel it beforehand?
All our contracts are for one year's duration and are put on autorenewal. You need to provide 3 months’ notice to us if you wish to terminate it before the end of the term.

AlPrime procedures

What does AlPrime Advisory include?
- Monthly Financial Reports
- Quarterly recommendation reports
- Consistent financial advice on mistakes we find
- Consistently searching for third parties to help you reduce cost or increase revenues
- Finding alternatives to some of the more expensive vendors/suppliers you work with  
How does your pricing work?
- Customized pricing that fits your needs
- Our package is a full stack one we do not offer less
How does AlPrime keep internal quality control?
- Full assessment
- Report on risks
- Constant enhancement recommendations
- Templates for each procedure
How We Work
We work as a team in AlPrime and we do not depend on individuals for quality. Our firm has set policies and procedures to make sure each client receives the best services, whether small or large, new or existing, to keep up with best practices. On the seventh business day of the month the financial report will be sent to the client. If a client does not submit documents on time it will delay their reports.

The basic AlPrime procedure includes but is not limited to:

1. First, we assess the company needs and financial/operational problems.

2. Then we perform a full assessment on the internal controls of the company and make sure its complaint with the best practice, and if not, we will recommend the changes.

3. Based on our understating of the business and management discussions we will provide the clients with a set of customized templates that they should use to make sure all procedures and being followed and risks are mitigated. Those templates include:
a. Petty cash templates- no one will spend from the petty cash only after submitting the invoice and attachment to the petty cash holder and then its dispersed, then he captures it on AlPrime application, and the team makes sure all figures are matching on a DAILY basis.
b. Daily closing templates
c. Daily wastage templates
d. Inventory templates

4. Will provide access for AlPrime application to all the necessary staff members of the client and make sure they know how use it. Create the accounting software and/or point-of-sale software if needed.

5. Will send the client a full list of requirements that AlPrime needs to start their work, and after submitting all documents the engagement starts.

6. On a timely manner we will record all expense during the month and reconcile them with the bank statements.

7. On a timely manner we will record all revenues during the month and reconcile them with the bank statements.

8. Will supervise the stock count if needed and will train the employees.

9. Make sure all suppliers statements are matching with our books and reconcile any differences.

10. At month end finalize the detailed report and provide it to the client with analysis and recommendation if applicable.

11. Every quarter a “recommendation report” will be provided to the client.
What are the steps to signing up with AlPrime?
1. Contact us to set a meeting to discuss your potential or existing business.

2. State your problems as well as your expectations from AlPrime and your ideal timeline.

3. A quotation will be created and sent to you based on the meeting we have.

4. After approval of the quotation, you will sign a contract and the engagement will start.

5. You will receive an email with all the required documents needed.

6. Finally, your AlPrime Capital service plan starts! (see above)

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