Navigating Startups (Part 1): Analyzing the top reasons behind startup death

Most start-ups are the brain-child of their respective founders, who invest not just their money but years of experience, precious time, and blood and sweat. Unfortunately, not all startups make it to the finish line. Many face the harsh reality of "startup death" – the premature demise of a promising venture. According to world statistics, 10% of Startups fail in the first year, while a whopping 70% to 90% fail in years two through five. So, it is critical for Startups to successfully survive the five-year mark, just like a patient who needs to survive the first 24 hours post-surgery to be declared free of complications. In this blog post, we'll explore the reasons behind startup failures and uncover measures to overcome these challenges, using real-world examples of successful and failed startups.

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