Ala Cake (name changed for confidentiality purpose) is a patisserie that offersa selection of Desserts, Beverages, and Cakes to people in Kuwait City. Itbelongs to one of the well-known business groups in Kuwait and has severalbranches in the country. They’re experts in making remarkable cakes anddesserts that have captured the hearts of several customers. A la Cake ’sfinesse in curating these delicacies earned them great reviews on foodnetworking sites like Talabat and has a whopping Instagram followership of morethan 130K. They provide online ordering and delivery services, making theirreach into Kuwaiti homes and, thus, their hearts easier.

Thislarge chain of restaurants with more than 100 employees was using an outdatedaccounting system to manage their books and inventory. As a result, theycouldn’t consolidate their actual and finished inventory, manage their pettycash, or calculate the employee leave and indemnity properly owing to theshortcomings of maintaining obsolete systems and processes. Theirinventory value was out of whack as the stock counting was not done. The pettycash on hand was never tracked, and the lack of expenses or sales on time hasdelayed the monthly closing. Their balances were not divided into Staffreceivables, Payables or Advanced Payments, which caused further confusion. Thepayments recorded to the system were not verified with the actual payments madeby the third parties, leaving a huge gap between the former and the latteraffecting the company's financial health. Moreover, all their financial reportsand analyses were inaccurate. Sincethere is more than one restaurant under one account, all these details createda mangled web of knots for the successor, AlPrime, to undo.

WhenAlPrime took over the Accounting and Bookkeeping of A la Cake , it wasunderstood that their books needed revamping and that only a modern systemcould handle the plethora of activities performed by the franchise ofrestaurants. To simplify the entire process, ‘AlPrime Web,’ the AccountingSoftware of AlPrime, was introduced to A la Cake for easier recording of billsand to rectify the problem of third-party receivables. AlPrime Web wasintegrated with the POS for prompt reporting and eliminating unnecessaryhassles. AlPrime also offered another Software, Al Prime Reporting System, forsmooth, accurate, fast and reliable reports. Theaccount balances were broken down into several heads after a deep dive into thepast data of the restaurant. The accountants of both teams worked closely togenerate more accurate and timely reports so that the management could makeinformed decisions. AlPrime’sstaff took special care to train A la Cake ’s employees in efficientlyconducting a regular physical count of the inventory. When done properly, adifference of about 8423 units was adjusted to the actual pile. AlPrimeproactively consolidated the employee leave and indemnity balances andunearthed an overestimation of about 18kKD.

Ala Cake is empowered due to the right decision it made in onboarding AlPrime tomanage its books. The inventory count has been better, recording and reportinghas become a lot easier, petty cash is accurate, leave and indemnity has beenhandled and the processes have been optimized. The pastry maker is now gearedup to charge to the next level with the timely advisory and services of AlPrimeand fulfill their financial and business goals.


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